Wednesday, June 5, 2019

We are getting together at the Mandarin restaurant, Wednesday,6pm June26th,2019,before we break for the summer

We are getting together at the Mandarin restaurant, Wednesday,6pm  June26th,2019,before we break for the summer 

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Quest resumes Wednesday, April 24th at 7pm in the Church Library

Quest resumes Wednesday, April 24th at 7pm to about 8:30 pm in the Church Library,ALL ARE WELCOME.Quest is cancelled April 10 for a Parish reconciliation and April 17 for HOLY WEEK.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

There is Quest this Wednesday, March 27 at 7pm

There is Quest this Wednesday, March 27 at 7pm to about 8:30 pm in the Church Library,ALL ARE WELCOME


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

QUEST Cancelled tonight Feb 27th, 2019 resumes next Wednesday March 6th at 6 pm

Our Dear Family of Christ,

It looks as though God is sending us more snow and cold weather today. Snow and rain are signs of New Life! We have to nurture the seed of God's Word (Love) with this snow and rain to break our hearts of stone. God will then give us a heart of flesh. 

So, may I suggest we stay home tonight and read the Word of God and discuss over email (each one send a brief summary of what God spoke to them today through His 'Word of Love')?? Those who cannot, please do not feel bad. Write it down and share with us when we meet next.  Those who can, please share away through emails! Any other suggestions welcome...

Love you all ☺
Stay warm and safe and reflect in silence!!! (perfect opportunity).
Your sister in Christ,

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

QUEST Cancelled Wednesday 20th February,2019, resumes next Wednesday February 27th

Dear Quest Family,

It is very hard for me to decide whether to cancel Quest again tonight! I don't know what God is telling us.  Any thoughts???

Ash Wednesday is fast approaching and we will lose another Wednesday on March 6th.

I will say it is cancelled and wait to hear from you.

I am truly sorry for the three successive cancellations.
Your sister in Christ,

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

QUEST Meeting Cancelled Feb 13th,2019, resumes Feb 20th.

Hilda Thomas

3:27 PM (14 minutes ago)
to CharleneDennisFrHildaJimmeKenLindaLindaMargitmarieNancyNancyReverendSheliaTeresaTomVicky
Dear Quest Family,

I ventured out for a little bit. It is not that cold but quite messy, slushy out. With the safety of everyone in mind, I decided to cancel tonight. I had two other programs during the day today and they were both cancelled. Stay warm and stay dry. We'll be connected in our Readings tonight.

Please let me know you saw this so we can call others who did not see.


Vicky Chen

10:18 AM (20 minutes ago)
to CharleneDennisHildaThomasFrJimKenNancyLindaMargitLindaMartinMrsTomMrsSheila&GeorgeTeresame
Dear friends,

    This freezing rain, icy condition will continue through the evening till tomorrow morning...........  Dennis and I have decided we will cancel the meeting this evening.

    Some of you have expressed concern about my proposed approach to cultivate better listening to the Word. As a late comer to this group, I have no idea that the primary purpose of this meeting is supposed to be for Bible Study. However, the two is not mutually exclusive. What I have proposed have two effects on myself - 1. I really want to read the readings before the meeting - umm, now I can relate to the psyche of Adam and Eve. 2. As a facilitator (or what you refer to as a leader), getting into a meeting like this is like jumping into the sea walking towards Christ. Well, I see the temptation of trusting in my own ability and my resources at hand - than truly giving the Holy Spirit a chance to work on a relatively blank canvas. 

    We can still go through this exercise on our own at home. I would suggest skipping the introduction first so that you are not affected by someone else' reflection. Go through each reading very slowly, more than once or twice if necessary. See if there is any message or word that hit you. If not, be gentle on yourself, go to the next reading. If there is something that you particularly feel drawn to at this point in time, pause prayerfully (i.e. just be aware that Jesus is next to you) and search honestly - "Why does this hit me?" Listen to your heart. It often has something to do with our past or very recent experience. Whatever it is, how will this realization affect my future action?? Thank your Friend for the discovery. Please do not skip reading the psalm. After all the readings, feel free to read the introduction and see the interpretation of the author regarding the readings. If nothing seems to come to you, give thanks. Sometimes it feels like Jesus has fallen asleep in the storm. :-)  Finally, if you like, open you big study Bible and look through the foot notes or side reference - or some other resources.

    Stay safe. Tread carefully on the ice if you have to go out.

    By the way, that free little booklet of Fr. Scott Lewis is excellent, compact and easy to understand but sprinkled with reference to the Hebrew Text. It takes an experienced teacher to sum up and present something profound in a simple fashion. 

    I tried to type out Ken's prayers for the group but something else came to here they are if you wish to use them.

In Communion,


Quest Meeting Feb 6 2019 
Opening Prayer – Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of those gathered here. Kindle in us the fire of your divine wisdom, knowledge and love. Help us appreciate that the Scriptures, in addition to Sacraments and teachings of our Church, are always part of our lives. Open our minds and hearts as we listen, ponder and share your words. Lead us to discover your great love for us through the Bible. Amen.
Closing Prayer – Lord, we are grateful for your presence among us this evening. Be with us as we strive to listen to you more clearly, love you more dearly and follow you more nearly. Help us to love as you love and to spread your Good News by our lives to those we meet along this earthly journey. Amen.

On Mon, Feb 4, 2019 at 9:06 AM Vicky Chen <> wrote:
Dear friends,

   I am wondering whether our group would like to try this out for the upcoming meeting this Wednesday evening.

   Bishop Crosby has invited us to pay special attention to listen to the Scripture this year. Fr. Martin's quotation from the song 'Sound of Silence' also stays with me. "People talking without speaking; hearing without listening." 

   Hearing is a biological function but listening is a choice of will, just as sight is different from seeing. How can we listen better? Personally I know if I have a preconceived idea or some preoccupation, a second 'conversation' will be bubbling up inside me as someone else is speaking. How can I 'hollow' my mind to listen better?

   Well, this is what I would like to try - I am not going to bring any reference material, I will not even read around the topic ahead of Wednesday. Being a layperson - this is a freedom that I can enjoy. I have never come to any of the meetings intending to teach some points. Each of us will listen and perceive differently because of our personal experience...... We can come to the meeting almost empty-handed. (And yes, we will use Ken's prayers.)  This is why I didn't want to be the leader, but only a facilitator - so that we can find God together as a group. 

   Now this is only an invitation, a one-time experiment. I don't even know if it will work. Do whatever you feel more comfortable. Let's try to listen better.



Thursday, February 7, 2019

Hilda is back !! Safe and Sound ! With her feedback on Vicky's request

Dear Quest Family,

I am glad to be home. I had a wonderful, satisfying and relaxed visit with loving family and friends throughout. Everyone is well there and so was I through all the travels.

I had my iPhone but did not take my laptop along. So I only checked email sometimes. On returning I checked my emails mostly and was happy and content to know how well you have run the program in my absence. I had no doubt about that. Braving the storm is so admirable and God is always with you. Hats off to you all under the guidance and facilitation of Vicky, Ken, Dennis and Tom, George, Margit and the rest of the important family.

I like the idea of attending Quest unprepared and not reading the introduction to start with and then discussing spontaneously. It involves listening, contemplating and stimulating your brain spiritually and to share our understanding. I am willing to try it next week, 13th Feb and we can see how everyone likes it and proceed from there. I hope everyone will be open to new ways of thinking and learning. We still will do Bible Study. Changes break monotony and help form new neural pathways eliminating repetitions and mundaneness. I am willing to try it. Thanks for the suggestion Vicky! We will give it a try this one week and see how it goes. We will never know if we don't try.

Your Mother Mary's protege (trying to be)
Hilda ☺